Our routes are either on privately owned or Forestry Commission land. Riding or carriage driving is by permit only & all routes are closed on Christmas day.

Please use the search box to display your chosen route & information, this will also mention any activity taking part on your route or part of,  that might have an impact . These informations are provided by either the event organisers/ Forestry commission or your Local Agent . 

KE27 - Ulcombe

Farm route  ⋅  (6.68 miles)
The route is approx seven miles long, split between wide grass headlands around arable fields, tracks through Chestnut Platts and headlands around Organic Apple Orchard Jayne Tassell Tel: 01622 858733 Julie Chantler Tel: 07870314370

FC35 - East Horsley

Forestry route  ⋅  (5.60 miles)
FC35 - East Horsley & Ranmore Local Agent Julia Balfour 07775 727819 Explorer 145 & 146 – 144 hectares / 345.6 acres. East Horsley is made up of two blocks of woodland lying north-west of Dorking. The first block consists of Mountain Wood, Old Land...

LR01 - Stapleford TROT

Farm route  ⋅  (18.75 miles)
Stapleford TROT is located between the Rutland village of Whissendine and Burton Lazaars. Local Agent Hayley Horn:01664 474 055 – 07958 186 059

KE17A - East Peckham

Farm route  ⋅  (6.31 miles)
This route contains no description...

KE05 - Four Elms

Farm route  ⋅  (0.31 miles)
This route contains no description...

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